Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Little Brother's Beach Theme Quiet Book

Little Brother's Beach Theme Quiet Book
When Little Brother turned two years old in May of 2015, he finally unwrapped his homemade Beach Theme Quiet Book for a birthday present. The quiet book has been great to take with us to doctor appointments and during church! He also likes playing with it during the daytime occasionally too. 
Front of Quiet Book
First, I made a Quite Book Board on Pinterest and collected many pins for inspiration and ideas. I read the pro and cons of the different types of Quite Books. I choose a simple book style instead of the rings. Next, I researched how to hand sew by watching the following You Tube Videos: the blanket stitch, back stitch, and French knots. Beware I am a beginner sewer with my Brother sewing machine. The stitches are not straight as you will see in the handle and on some of the pages! I spent hundreds of hours making his quiet book stitching by hand many tiny pieces.  It is a beautiful keepsake for years to come and I plan to make more quiet books for my grandchildren in the future.

The book was made from many colorful wool blend felt sheets, which I bought from an Etsy Shop called Benzie Design. I also bought Velcro, interfacing, cream muslin material, navy fleece material, and a fleece under water ocean scene material for the book cover from Walmart. I followed the instructions on how to sew my book by using the following tutorials: Sewing Skills Quiet Book and Sewing with Nancy to assemble the Quiet book together. Each square was 9X9 (I made a template from card stock). I added a blue pocket inside the front page of the book and sewed on the Velcro as a closure. I also liked the idea of little brother carrying his Beach Quiet Book with handles.
Blue Pocket and Velcro Shapes Treasure Map

Monkeys Teasing Alligator and Mom's Beach Bag

Life Jacket and Fish 
Football Laces and Build a Sandcastle

 Octopus and Turtle
 Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream

Weave The Sun

Stay tuned! I will post more photographs of each page. I will break down what supplies I used for each page, what skills little brother learns from each page, and where I found the patterns, inspiration, templates, etc in other blog posts.  

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