Thursday, November 03, 2016

Beach Quiet Book: Monkey and Beach Bag Pages

Monkeys Teasing Alligator and Mom's Beach Bag
Supplies: sun button, shell button, wool blend felt, embroidery floss, eyes, white ribbon, white tulle, and 8x8 water like fleece material. I got the monkey pattern from Imagine Our Life,  alligator tutorial (I drew my own template for the alligator) but got inspiration from 365 Days of Crafts, snake, tree, and sun is from Bugs and Fishes. I came up with the patterns for the beach, water, rock, bananas, birds, and clouds.  Little brother learns how to snap on and off the monkeys and play peek a boo to find animals under objects. I have taught him the song"Two Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree" when he plays with this page.
Peek a Boo Bird
Peek a Boo Snake
I sing the song "Two Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree".
Mom's Beach Bag- Keys, iPhone, and Wallet 
Supplies: wool felt blend, the brown flower felt I found at a local craft store (it's thick), embroidery floss, ribbons, button, rubber band, vinyl plastic for license and card. For the beach bag, I used Imagine our Life's purse and iPhone and found keys patterns off Pinterest. Then I used the tutorial and pattern for the wallet from Lola Nova. The driver license and Chase card came from Smile Like You Mean It. Little brother learns how to fasten and unfasten a button on the wallet. He can pretend to use a phone and keys. He may become familiar with numbers 0-9 and learn my phone number.  
Inside of Wallet Mom's Fake Driver's License and Chase Card

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