Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beach Quiet Book: Octopus and Turtle Pages

Count the Fish Beads and Pull Turtle's Tail with Bead Maze
Count the Fish Beads and Open the Octopus Zipper
Supplies: zipper, blue, parachute chord, fish beads, white tulle, many different colorful ribbons, eyes, lilac purple felt, and embroidery floss. I made my own simple template for the body. Obviously, I sewed the zipper and ribbons with my sewing machine. I hand stitched the octopus body doing a blanket stitch. I hot glued the eyes on the felt. On this page, little brother can count the beads, become familiar with colors, and understand different sizes.
Pull The Turtle Tail
Supplies: Turtle template, maze template, black, white, and two types of green wool blend felt, black embroidery floss, green floss, green ribbon (for tail), vinyl, bead. I hand stitched the turtle with blanket stitches and French knots (eyes).  Little brother can pull the tail down and push a bead through a spiral maze. 
Turtle Bead Maze


notreestoblockmyview said...

Hi, I love the turtle. Does using plastic make it hard to move the bead? I've seen these bead mazes and most of them have mesh.

notreestoblockmyview said...
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