Monday, November 07, 2016

Beach Quiet Book: Life Jacket and Fish Pages

 Life Jacket and Fish 
Life Jacket
For the Life Jacket, I used the tutorial and pattern from Sewing Skills Quiet Book Page 18-19.  Supplies: I bought some orange nylon material, webbing, clip, and extra batting. I sewed a sail boat button in the corner and did a blanket stitch to secure the webbing and life jacket down in the page. Little brother learns how to clip and and take off the clip on the jacket. 
Match the Fish Snaps Off and Dolphin on String Can Hide in Rock
As for the Ocean Floor, I was inspired by a shark page on Pinterest by Wonders of Felt. The fish patterns are by Purlbee, treasure chest, ocean floor are from Imagine Our Life. Supplies: blue fleece 8x8 square, wool felt, sequins, snaps, parachute cord, dolphin bead, shell buttons, gold ribbon, fake jewels, pearls, tiny beads for octopus, eyes for shark and fish, and clear vinyl for shark tummy.  Little brother learns colors, how to fasten snaps, play hide and seek with the fish on the cord, feel the different textures, and match the fish.
Shark Eating the Fish

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