Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprises

I love Valentine's Day surprises!  We sure had a marvlous day!  The girls were dressed in pink...  We made a simple heart and foil Valentine's Day box for little sis and big sister received many Valentine's from her friends at school.  No worries nothing shown here were from boys!  She does not have a boyfriend or secret admirer...  Obviously, big sis has a lot of friends!
I made special Valentine's Day school lunches for my girls the night before.  They included the following: heart shaped ham and cheese sandwich, a clementine, Capri Sun, strawberry fruit roll up, a pink Loft House cookie, and Chicken in a Biskit crackers.  Then I enclosed a Happy Valentine from Mom too.
Later in the evening John surprised the girls with a puppy!  One of the biggest pros of living in our new place is the owners allow small pets with an extra deposit.  So we looked for the perfect puppy for our needs:
 non shedding
 small breed
 easy to train
and happy
I did some research on several breeds and the winner is a bishon frise/poodle mix.  We named him Jagger! Isn't he the cutest puppy ever?  He already knows how to play fetch, sleeps in his kennel at night, and sometimes walks on his two front legs.  He loves to entertain us.  I can already see that he will have fun learning new tricks!  As for potty training that is another story.  In due time, he will get the hang of that.  We absolutely adore him!