Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Wood Fish Bowl

A couple months ago while visiting my in-laws in southern Utah, my father in-law challenged us to make something creative.   John decided it would be fun to make a fish bowl for me to put jewelry, chap stick, coins, etc.  It also can be displayed in a room as decoration.  That was the same weekend when I made my material clothes for paper dolls.
Fish Bowl 
Wood, chisel or grinding tools, sandpaper, and a light wood stain.
Step 1. Cut out the desired shape of the fish with a band saw. Drill a hole where the eye would be be and but a contrasting color of wood for the eye.  John used Zebra wood for the eye.
Step 2. Sand down the rough edges with a belt sander.
Step 3.  Continue to sand until desired smoothness.
Step 4. Shape and form with a chisel or grinding tool.  Next, use sandpaper to smooth it down.  
Step 5.  Lastly, apply wood stain until desired color is achieved.

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Impressive my friend!