Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hike and Sack Lunch Activity

My Activity Day Invite!  
~How cute is that?~
Credits: Template Storyboard is from the Coffee Shop Blog. Papers and doodles are by Kate Hadifeild @ The Lily Pad. The brown paper, red checked paper,  felt flowers, and red butterfly are by Kaye Winiecki @ The Lily Pad. The hiking boot clip-art is from Clker.  I used the following fonts: Love Ya Like A Sister, Lady Rene, and Kristen ITC.
 On June 16th, 2011 we did a combined activity with the other group in our ward. Big sister decided to tag along on the hike too.  Technically she is too old for achievement days since she is in young woman's now but she didn't want to hang out alone at the house while little sissy and I went on the hike.  We met the other group at Kiwanis Park.  That day was a perfect day to hike!  It was cloudy and not too hot!  The hike took us about 15-20 minutes to get up to the beautiful waterfalls.  Within a couple weeks, the water has risen (we went on this same hike twice before the activity this year)!  Some of the stream water runs down the trail now.
Activity Day Hike and Lunch

My sweet girl! XOXO
Lunch time!  Each girl brought their own lunches!

The activity was a huge success no injuries or drama!  We had a big group of girls that came and they all seemed very happy together!  Yay!
I might as well add these gorgeous photos that we took a few weeks ago with our nephew and his wife (newly weds) at the same waterfalls at the beginning of June.  We sure enjoy spending a lot of time with them making wonderful memories together (cooking, playing games, hiking, etc)!  GOOD TIMES!  My girls adore their new cousin Keli!

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