Monday, April 04, 2011

Book Report and School Play

During the month of March, Little Sis was one busy little girl!  For the past several weeks, she has been working on her first big book report project and school play.  At the beginning of March, all the second graders were assigned to pick their favorite animal.  The first week of April she will being sharing her book report to her classmates. John took Sissy to the public library.  She narrowed down her choices to parrots, monkeys, chameleons, and elephants.  After reading books about those animals, she decided to do her book report on elephants because she has two plastic elephant toys, which will be handy for the book report display.  She checked out two books about elephants.  She has been slowly researching and answering questions like the following:

Where do they live? They are found in rainforests and deserts.
How long do they live?  Elephants can live up to 60 years, wow! They lose their teeth before they die.
How big do they get? They can grow up to be 10 feet tall!
What is an usual elephant family? It consists mothers, daughters, sisters, and babies.
What do they eat? They love grass, bushes, and leaves.
Do they know how to swim? Yes, they love to swim and can swim in the ocean.
What is the difference between African and Indian elephants?
African- Their back dips, have large ears, curved forehead, have two long tusks, and deep ridges on their trunks.
Indian- They have a rounded back, smaller ears, domed forehead, shorter tusks, and smoother trunks.

We, as a family, helped her put together a diorama (a shoe box display).  She drew some clouds, cut out leaves, and glued on some pieces.  She and Daddy decided to make a grassland, pond, and desert out of colored contraction paper to represent where they are found.  John also made a tree trunk. Big Sister and I helped her make a sun, flowers, grass, lily pads, and water lilies.  Sister placed the elephants in the box. We tried to accomplish a 3D effect by bending some pieces to stick up and using foam (raising height on a flat surface)!  On the back of the shoe books, there is information about her animal, which she will share with her class.  We are very happy with the end result.  She cannot wait to share it with her teacher and classmates.

As for the Glow play, her second grade class did an incredibly cute job!  The play was about birds, bugs, flowers, and insects.  They talked about each insect, bird, etc wonderful qualities.  Little Sister was a dancing butterfly.  They sang a lot of fun songs too.  I loved all the props and costumes!  It was such a darling play! 

They sang a couple songs with flowers.

Sissy with her best friend.  

My dancing butterfly!

She wore an orange flower too!


During one of the songs, they got to shine a small flash light!  

The beautiful dancing butterflies (Sissy is on the right with orange wings).

Overall, it was a great busy month for her.  Now she is looking forward to her 8th birthday party in a couple weeks and being baptised a member of  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on May 7, 2011. Go Sister!  Yay!

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