Friday, November 01, 2013

My three little Monsters

On October 30, 2013, we made some spooky food since John had to work and big sis had a party on Halloween.  Big sister was in charge of dinner. She made mummy hot dogs, ghost bananas, orange slices, veggies, and ranch dip.  For dessert, we bought a pumpkin and cheese cake roll and made witch hats out of cookies, kisses, and clear frosting from a tube. During that same evening, John made a killer spicy hot chili for his work contest! In fact, he won first place in the chili contest and received $50 dollars for his prize, woohoo! As for our Halloween costumes, John and I were super Dad and Mom, big sister was the famous classy Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast and Tiffany's, little sis was cute bat, and little brother was an awesome skeleton.  We either bought things from the Dollar Store or thrift stores. Some things were hand me downs from a friend. The kids and I went trick or treating at my husband's work instead of walking around the neighborhoods.  They got plenty of candy from John's work and corn dogs from Sonic! Little sister, little brother, and I watched some Halloween movies after trick or treating!  What fun Halloween memories we made this year!

John and I basically wore clothes from our closets expect for my blue tutu was homemade.  For our accessories, we used things around the house such as belts, diapers, pacifiers, receiving blankets (capes), and made a holster out of foam for the bottles (just stapled it together) !  We bought the bottles, glasses, and foam paper from the dollar store. We got the super hero printables from Super Dad and Super Mom and paste them on the foam material.

The pretty Audrey Hepburn costume included the following: an elegant black dress with fake diamonds, black heels, and gloves were from a thrift shop.  She borrowed the earrings, and necklaces from me. Her hair and make were done by her friend.
As for the bat girl costume, it was all homemade by my friend who no longer needed it. It included the following  bat wings, ears (hat), and eye mask. Her black nails, hair, and make up was done by me. She wore a black shirt, sweats, witch headband from a thrift store, and carried a bouncy bat decoration toy.
Lastly, little brother wore a skeleton outfit for his first Halloween costume, which was given to us by a friend. We bought a black winter hat and sock shoes from Old Navy.    

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