Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Family of Five Plus Dog Photo Shoot

Since we are now a family of five and have an almost two year old bichon frise poodle mix dog, we felt it was time to get some updated family photographs. Our oldest daughter has a friend who is aspiring to be photographer someday so we gave her the opportunity to take our pictures. We decided on a navy blue, white, grey, and teal color pallet for our photo shoot. We picked a perfect spot to do the photo shoot at Kiwanis Park near Battle Creek Trail head in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
 It was a lovely autumn afternoon! The leaves were absolutely gorgeous with the sun shining above us! I love glow of the sun light that is seen in some of these photographs!
The pictures turned out great even though little brother was not very photogenic that day and became grumpy at the end while Jagger (our dog) would sometimes not look at the photographer while she took the photographs.

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