Friday, May 10, 2013

Storybook Fairy Tale Princess Baby Shower

My dear friend is expecting her first baby girl around the same time as me! In fact, our due dates are only two days apart from each other! It has been fun being pregnant the same time and looking forward to seeing who has their baby first!

So a mutual friend of hers and mine decided we should throw her a Storybook Fairy Tale Princess baby shower on May 4, 2013!

The Baby Shower Invitation
The darling baby shower invitation was made by my friend Peggy Johns.
The Storybook Fairy Tale Princess Decorations
 Credits: For my decorations and games, I used Kate Hadfield's happily ever after doodles and pink alpha from The Lily Pad. The papers are by Eva Kipler and Megan Farrow (Studio Flergs)The baby feet stamp is by Shabby Miss Jenn.  As for the fonts, I used love ya like a sister, hello chalk talk, Princess BV, and grumble. I saved some Little Golden Books and used a book template to make tiny books. I made a princess diaper cake and pink diaper babies.  I used the following FREE templates: onesiesscalloped circlebook templatepursediaper storybook decoration and (circle, star, and heart are by Semana Maluca).  The framed girl word art is from Simple Scrapper.
The Food
We had chicken salad sandwiches, veggies and ranch platter, chips, and sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles for dessert. 
The Games
What's in your diaper bag?
What's in your purse?
Can you guess how many M&M's in the bottle?
Baby Name Scrabble
The Party Favors
The party favor bag said, "Thank you for the gift from the Mamba to be!"  It contained a princess wand, pink and white candy cane, pink Frooties strawberry lemonade candies, and Mamba candy.

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twistedpaperclip said...

You did such a great job on the Shower honey!!!