Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Halloween Layouts

My Little Bewitching Princesses, 2005 
Credits: "Good Witch Garden" elements are by Natalie Braxton. Frames, ghost, safety pin words, papers, and staples are by Gina Cabrera. Pumpkin tag and bows are by Shabby Miss Jenn. Cauldron is by Shabby Princess. The witch hat, black spider web letters, and spider are by Dani Mogstad. Purple button and dot ribbon are by Stefanie Burt. The felt black and orange star is by Tabby Lewis. The fonts are: sabrina star and a charming font.  
What a Fright, 2007
Credits: The layout is by Ashley (hand cut template). I used the "Scared Silly" kit by Dani Mogstad and Jacaque Larson. I used grumble and font diner dot com sparkle for my fonts.
Hocus Pocus, 2009
Credits: I used "Happy Haunting" kit, the "hocus" alpha, and  black word strips are by Dani Mogstad.  The doodled colored string frame and felt flowers are by Natalie Braxton. The cauldron, flames, witch, cat, are by Kaye Winiecki from The Lily Pad.  I used love ya like a sister font and the "pocus" is an unknown font.
Costumes, Pumpkins, and Candy, Oh My,2011
Credits: The layout is by me.  I used "Goose Bumps" kit by Shabby Princess. The scarecrow, candy, wheat, pumpkins, hay, and black bird doodles are by Kate Hadfield from the Lily Pad. I used the following fonts: grumble and FO-Giggles.

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