Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy May Memories 2012

Lately I've enjoyed the perfect spring weather! Oh, how I love smelling blossoms while jogging, and seeing the beautiful flowers and trees!  During the month of May, we went hiking, celebrated Mother's Day, big sis got braces, and little sis participated in a school dance festival.

After the kids were dropped off to school a couple weeks ago, John and I went hiking up Grovecreek trail.  We saw many wild flowers, butterflies, and a humming bird.  It was partly sunny on the way up the trail, but within an hour it got extremely dark and cloudy.  It started to rain a few minutes after we were safely in the car.
On Mother's Day, I wore a fun bohemian styled outfit and sandals. My family spoiled me by making me breakfast (waffles, eggs, and bacon) and dinner (shrimp and chicken Alfredo)!  I got some lovely flowers (yellow, white, and purple) to hang near the back porch. John spoke in church about mothers and I got a king size bar of chocolate from the ward, which I shared with everyone!
Big Sis got her top braces on!  She looks very pretty and happy in this picture!
Little Sis had a dance festival.  The third grade performed to the song Summer Belongs to You from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
We are looking forward to fun SUMMER adventures!  Hopefully I can knock out some things from last years summer bucket list that I didn't get to accomplish.  May was simply marvelous!

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