Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scarecrow Service Activity

For Activity Day this month, I decided to do a fun scarecrow themed service activity. Here is my simple reminder/invite that I made for my activity girls!
Credits: Paper and "Pick of the Patch" doodles are by Kate Hadfield from The Lily Pad. I used Segoe Print for the font.  We were in need of a fun service activity.  So I decided that the girls could express their appreciation for their school teacher by giving them a delicious fall treat and scarecrow thank you card.  The girls helped me make Scarecrow Crunch and made an accordion card for their teacher.

Scarecrow Crunch
4 c. Oatmeal Cereal Squares
4 c. Tiny Twist Pretzels
1 (22 oz.) bag of mixed candy (pumpkins and candy corn)
2 (6 oz. box caramel popcorn with nuts
1 (6.6 oz) box of chocolate graham bake snacks
1 bag of Reeces Pieces
In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Serve as desired. Makes 15 Cups.
Here is my cute recipe card that I sent home with the girls and they each took home a bag of treats for themselves too. 
Credits:  Papers and doodles "Pick of the Patch" and "Tricky Treats" are by Kate Hadfield from The Lily PadI used Segoe Print and lima bean for the fonts. 
Scarecrow Accordion Card

 inspired by Fun with Scarecrows: Katherine Marie Photography
Paper bag from the grocery store, construction paper (yellow, orange, blue, and black), scissors, glue sticks, googly eyes, and markers.
Directions: Measure out a 3X13 inches size card from a paper bag.  Fold the card four times. Draw a hat, nose, flower, hair, etc with construction paper and cut them out. Glue eyes and paper pieces to the paper bag card.  There should be five squares for the kids to write or draw pictures.

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twistedpaperclip said...

The mix was tasty I can and will verify that, the girls were having a lot of fun from the sound of things. You did great sweetie!!