Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving Pumpkins and Halloween Day

What a busy fun weekend.  My oldest daughter went to a Halloween party on Friday night and a birthday party on Saturday night. We bought seven pumpkins on sale a week ago (nine cents a pound) and decided to carve them this weekend.  Here are our spooky designs! We got a couple of our pumpkin stencils from some websites.
Daddy's Pumpkins
Jack Skeleton
Our Last Name
Mommy's Pumpkins
Big Sister's Pumpkins
Did Her Name
Little Sister's Pumpkins
Sissy's Own Design

We roasted a batch of pumpkin seeds and I was surprised that my kids loved snacking on them.  We generally do not keep the seeds to roast them instead we throw the pumpkin guts and seeds away!  I am glad we cleaned them and baked them. Pumpkin seeds have been a very nice salty treat these last few days!
On Saturday night, my youngest daughter and I enjoyed watching Matilda and Hocus Pocus  while big sissy was at a birthday party.  We also enjoyed some yummy pumpkin and vanilla frozen yogurt from our nearby grocery store!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!
My husband decided to to dress up this year.  He is so goofy!  He shaved half of his face, tucked in one side of his shirt while leaving the other side not tucked, tucked in his socks on one side, wore two different shoes (dress shoes and sneakers), and combed half his hair (left the other half messy).  He went to work looking that way!  He was very brave, lol!  I didn't bother dressing up!  I am lucky that I wore an orange jacket vest!
This year my oldest dressed up as a NERD.  We had some goofy black 3D glasses, she rolled up her jeans, wore a flannel shirt, cream colored suspenders,and black converse shoes.  During her Friday Halloween party, she was voted the weirdest costume!  
Little Sis wanted to be Red Ridding Hood.  I put her hair in cute pig tails tied with red ribbons. We bought her red cape from ebay, basket with apples from Winco, and wore a black t-shirt, white ruffled skirt, black leggings, and black Toms shoes. At her school Halloween costume parade today, I noticed she was the only Red Ridding Hood!  Yay!
  For dinner, I made a crock pot chili and bought some crazy bread sticks from Little Caesars.  The girls did a neighborhood costume parade, which had pop corn and apple cider.  We had perfect weather for trick or treating! For the first time, we didn't have to go trick or treating with our girls!  Both girls went with some friends this year! So I did some homework while John handed out some candy!

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