Monday, August 08, 2011

Our First Box Garden

Around spring time, we decided to build our first box garden.  We bought four cubic yards of dirt, which I hauled half of it from the front of the street with a wheeler barrow to the backyard ALL by myself!!! Gooooo me, right?!  John had to work after it got delivered to our house.  It took me all day and boy was I sore afterwards!  What a serious workout!
Box Garden Before/After, May 2011

 We planted a lot of starter plants such as tomatoes, cucumber, squash, zucchini, watermelon, onions, basil, chalets, green onion, green peppers, cabbage, strawberries, and broccoli.   From seeds, we planted green beans, peas, yellow tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, parsley, chives, cilantro, and radishes.  So far, we had some bad luck with parsnips and the watermelon everything else is thriving well.  We planted green beans in place of the parsnips!  The watermelon has a couple tiny green leaves that are not getting very big.  The girls have been very helpful in watering and weeding.
 June 2011
Leftover Scraps Project!
With some small pieces of wood, John was able to construct a small planter box for me.  He used some logs for the base.  I bought a couple flowers from  Walmart.  It is a little wobbly and it blow over from a serious summer rain storm, but I think it is cute!
 July 2011
In the long box on the left are cherry tomato plant, two rows of beans, one squash, one zucchini, and few pea plants.  Back box on the right contains two rows of radishes and one watermelon plant in the middle.
As for the front box on the right, it has strawberry plants, herbs, and yellow tomato plants.
Yes, we need to weed around the box garden...  In this long box, we have in the back two rows of onions, some chalets, and a green onion plant.  In the middle, are two tomato plants, four cabbage plants, one cucumber plant, and hidden pepper plants! In the front of the box there are two types of carrots growing.  
We have already picked some radishes, chalets, cabbage leaves, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, and squash!  It has been a lot of fun learning how to garden and I have been impressed with our efforts so far!


Brett + Aisling + Aedan +Eli said...

AWESOME! Growing a good garden is such an impressive accomplishment. It takes so much work! Your garden looks beautiful. Plus, i bet it's such a nice feeling to know you did it all yourselves. So self-reliant. :) Good job, guys!

Jennifer said...

Yes it has been a lot of fun having our own garden! We are happy to pick something new everyday! In the long run we are saving on veggies this summer!