Monday, May 30, 2011

Sixth Grade Graduation, 2011

Congratulations Big Sister!

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that I am a mother of a pre-teen already! Where does the time go?  I wish my kids would stop growing up too fast!  In August she will enter the most awkward phase of her life- dreadful junior high!   Junior high memories were my least favorite phase of growing up.  Peer pressure was the pits, my hormones were out of control, and I spent hours grooming myself in front of a mirror because I could never leave the house without perfect hair, outfit, and make-up!  I see my daughter already doing the same crazy behaviors that I did at her age! I sure hope she survives through the next couple brutal years of junior high better than I did.   Anyway, on Friday May 27, 2011 @ 10:00 AM, John and I attended big sister's sixth grade graduation.  A couple months ago, we bought her a darling black and white striped dress with a belt around her waist that she planned on wearing during this special occasion.  She wore a cute silver heart necklace, white leggings underneath the dress, and black flats for her shoes.  For her graduation cap, she had a plastic fedora black hat with blue ribbon tied around it.   The gym was decorated Hollywood style (stars, a vintage popcorn machine, and old film strips were all over the walls with baby photos of each child)!  In the photos below, Big sister was with her teacher Mrs. Day and above Mrs. Day's head is her adorable baby picture! It was a lovely ceremony!  The teachers and principal gave a small talk and there was a slide show of each student that included a baby picture and their current school year photo.  They all received their sixth grade certificates and file organizer for junior high!  We checked out little sister so she could be apart of the event too!  The school gym was packed!  Many people had to stand in the back or sides of the gym!  What wonderful job the PTA and mothers who volunteered to make the graduation a huge success!  We had refreshments from Mimi's Cafe delicious banana and carrot/walnut bread. 

  Way to "GROW", Big Sister!   

The Stylish Dress

After the graduation, we took the girls out to lunch to their favorite BBQ 
restaurant The Smoking Apple!  Big sister ordered ribs, corn bread, sweet cream corn, and yummy fries!  She also enjoyed some bubbly apple beer non- alcoholic of course, duh!  After stuffing ourselves, we dropped the girls off back to school.  Big sister had a talent show (which she didn't sign up for but enjoyed watching her friends perform) and little sis needed to practice her dance moves for the dance festival next week with all the second grade classes.  After school, big sister went to her friend's house.  A bunch of girls and a couple boys were all invited to a graduation party.  Big Sissy was so excited to be among many friends.  She is definitely my popular social princess with TONS of friends who adore her!  Look out junior high, big sissy is coming!

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