Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Crafty Child

Apparently creativity is a strong gene in my family.  Last week my oldest daughter decided to make a small pink hair clip and a couple bookmarks. The next day she gave the flower hair clip and one bookmark to her teacher, Mrs. Day.  As for the other two bookmarks, she gave them to her friends in her class.  She expressed to me how much she loves making crafts for other people!  I was quite impressed with her designs and happy that she enjoys making things!  Way to go, girlie!

Pink Flower Hair Clip

She picked out the pink scraps (left overs from other flower projects) and I glued it together since she didn't want to burn herself with the hot glue gun!

She wanted to model the new pink flower hair clip! So pretty,eh?

Funky Paisley Bookmarks

We used paper flowers, gems, blue ribbon, and I printed out some digital scrapbook paper "Splendid" by Shabby Princess.  We used the glue gun to stick the scrap papers and embellishments on the bookmarks!

She was so excited to to give them away the next day!

On Tuesday February 8, the six graders were assigned to present a science fair project for the invention convention.  She had to come up with a creative idea, that hasn't been made before that could be useful.  Since we love to play board games in our household, she made the game organizer!

The Game Organizer


a cardboard box
 a sharp tool to cut out the pieces
 duck tape
 scrapbook papers
 glue gun and lots of glue sticks
modge podge
paint and paint brushes

Directions: The box had the following dimensions: 10 3/4" X 13" and the four corners were 2 1/4".   There were three different sizes of dividers, which we cut out four of each size. Large-3 5/8" X 1 1/4", Medium- 3 1/2" X 1 1/4" and Small- 2" X 4 1/4".  We duck taped the box pieces together, painted the inside of the box blue, and applied modge podge over the outside and inside with digital scrapbook papers.  We applied scrapbook paper on the dividers with the glue gun (folding the paper around the cardboard pieces).  Next, we hot glued the orange strips of paper on the edges of the box and glued the dividers inside the boxes.

Explanation:  The game organizer holds eight money slots and space for other game pieces.  You could also roll the dice in the empty space, which would reduce the problem of the dice rolling off the table!  

Purpose:  Are you tired of scattered paper money and games pieces all over the place while playing board games?   The game organizer makes it easier for the players to keep track of their money and other game pieces.

Little Sis playing the Game of Life
 without the Game Organizer!

The game cards and pieces using the Game Organizer!

A close up of the poster at school.

Little sissy playing Monopoly
 without it.

Has she convinced you that you need one of these while playing board games?   There were several parents that made the comment, "I would buy the game organizer!"

Big Sis did an incredible job on her project and worked very hard on it!  John cut the pieces out with a sharp knife tool thingamajig and I hot glued the small pieces together. It was a good thing she didn't do the gluing because I got a second degree burn from the glue gun!  Duh! She duck taped the box together, applied the pretty paper "Splendid" by Shabby Princess, and designed her poster.  There are some talented kids at her school!  I was very impressed with all the six graders science projects! I'm so glad this project is done, out of the way!  The next big school project for big Sissy is a country report on Japan in April.  Hopefully, she is working hard on it during class and we won't be stressing at the last minute to get it done!  

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