Monday, March 02, 2015

Mission Possible

For our 2015 Activity Day theme, we decided to do a Mission Possible theme.  We were inspired by Pinterest with a lot of our ideas.  The mission we desired for the girls to accomplish this year is having them memorize the Articles of Faith.

Scripture Theme: 
Invitation:  I had the opportunity of designing and putting these cute invites together.  Supplies: manila folders, labels, paper clips, card stock for the cipher card, paper cutter, regular paper for the documents, scissors, glue,  Credits: The mission labels are from Inkablinka. I got the cool cipher alphabet card from Take the Side Street BlogUnited States Sealand office manila folder template is from Mirk Wood Designs.
Decorations:  We made a few signs:  A Mission Possible poster, Restricted Access Agents Only, Agents Report Here, 13 Footprints,  Welcome Top Recruits Level 8-11, Scan to Enter, and the United States Seal on podium. We set up a desk for check in and had each girl finger printed by the entrance. 
   Finger Print Decoding: We had the girls use their magnify glasses to read the tiny finger print which contained the 13 Articles of Faith, which was made by Linda. We also printed out the keywords worksheet using this Articles of Faith Puzzle.  Linda made a transparency of Jesus Christ for a visual aid while talking about having the light of Christ in our lives.
Secret Package: We gave each girl a bag filled with Special Training Devices such as: a tiny magnify glass, Articles of Faith music CD (Credits: paper is by Shabby Princess, Nancy Drew Silhouette but Linda put a hat on her, footprints Stock Illustrations , magnify glass, thought bubble, and reprise title font) an activity day schedule for the year, a calendar of each Article of Faith, Articles of Faith Memorization Cards are from Sugar Doodle. Badges: I made these badges for the leaders and activity day girls. The leaders wore lanyards around their necks while the girls had stick on badges. Credits: We Believe in Obeying the Law badges Mormon Mommy Blogs,  Spy clip art is from Can Stock Photo, and the fingerprints are from My Paper Crane .
Refreshments: Cupcake and water (made by Shannan and Amy). The cute cupcake toppers were designed by Linda. Article of Faith Match Up Game:  The girls had to match up the numbers to the right Article of Faith, which was printed under the footprints.

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