Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Summer Staycation Activities

We rarely go on out of state vacations.  So I try to find fun activities near home for the kids to do during the summer.  During the Summer of 2014, we went to the carnival for Strawberry days, ate waffles from the Waffle Love Truck, explored a new children's museum, did a day trip to Salt Lake City to see Wheeler Farm, Liberty Park, and Antelope Island.
Strawberry Days
I keep saying every year we will buy rodeo tickets, but sadly John is always out of town on a business trip during the week of Strawberry Days! Hopefully we have better luck next year! However, we went to the Strawberry Days parade and carnival.
Waffle Love Truck
Most people from Utah should know about the Waffle Love Truck! If you like them on Facebook you can find where the truck is located. It changes every single day. AMAZING WAFFLES!
Museum of Natural Curiosity
We went to the new Children's Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  The Museum of Natural Curiosity was fun for all ages. I cannot wait to take baby brother back and do all the cool toddler activities.
  Wheeler Farm
A cheap activity for all the family and furry friends. There are spots for a picnic, hiking trails, farm animals, pond filled with ducks, shop, wagon rides, a playground, etc. There is a very interesting tree that is perfect for family photograph!
Liberty Park
There are many things to do at Liberty Park, which is a large like Central Park in New York City. We only explored the south end of the park.  We had a picnic there, rode some amusement rides, and went paddle boating. Our dog Jagger met many other furry friends.  We would like to make another trip there to see the Tracy Aviary, check out the playgrounds, swimming pool, splash pad, and gardens.
  Antelope Island (The Great Salt Lake)
For $10.00 a car load, you get to play at the salty and sandy beach of Great Salt Lake, see a visitors center, eat a  picnic, observe wild life such as antelope, buffalo, deer, birds, and explore the Fielding Garr Ranch museum. Additionally, it's a beautiful scenic drive through the Island!
There are many beautiful and fun places to explore in Utah during the summer time!

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