Monday, April 28, 2014

I love my Tubie Baby!

Dear Son,

On March 28, 2014, after careful consideration, we proceeded with a 3rd surgery in less than a year for a G-tube placement.  For several months, you have failed to gain adequate weight due to pain from previous hernias.  As a result from the hernias, you developed poor eating behaviors such as a bottle aversion and acid reflux. You also have fallen behind developmentally, which the doctors and I believe it is due to you not getting enough nourishment. It was very scary when you would gag and throw up your entire meal, refuse your bottle, or not drink enough fluids during the day. Since three doctors encouraged us to get the G-tube, we decided it was the right solution to help you gain some weight in the following months.  Our goal is to get you 10-20% on the growth chart.  The tube hopefully will only need to be in for six months.  I intend for you to eat normal during the day and supplement as needed at night. Additionally if you throw up your meals, we will then supplement too. 

During the early morning of surgery day, you were brave, happy, and full of smiles.   In fact, when the surgical nurse wrapped you up in warm blanket and took you away to the surgery room you didn't scream at all.  After surgery when you woke up in the recovery room, I was there to cuddle you.  You were transferred to the pediatric floor and Dad and I stayed with you until you got discharged from the hospital the next day.  The surgery went a little different than the doctor expected. Due to adhesions from your previous surgeries, the surgeon had to open you up again from your precious chest scar instead of doing a laparoscopy method.

  Remarkably, you healed pretty well after three weeks and seem back to your normal routine of rolling, sitting, wanting to stand. The only complication we had was a little granulation (skin healing near the site) that had to be addressed by the doctor otherwise it has been okay adjusting to the G-tube routine.  I'm happy that you have been tolerating the night feedings well and on the days you struggle (gag and vomit) we feed you through the tube. We named your iv pole "Stanley"! Big sister and little sister are very helpful in assisting Daddy and me with your tube feedings at night. We are happy that you are gaining weight and babbling more. In due time, I bet you will catch up on gross motor skills when you are ready.

Love, Mom and Dad

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twistedpaperclip said...

Such a brave little boy, and strong Momma through all this..........Love my two girls, my tubie baby and there incredible Momma!