Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chubby's Cafe

Since hubby and I are serious foodies, we love trying new places! We have a local restaurant called Chubby Cafe that would be perfect on the Food Network show Diners Drive Ins, and Dives!  Looking at it from the street, it may appear "a hole in the wall place!"  In fact, hubby and I never noticed it until recently and became huge fans! 
The T-Shirt and Sign indoors.
The logo found on the wall!
 We have tried several items from the menu, which include either beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp.  Inside it is decorated with vintage items like old bikes, sport jerseys, fishing stuff, a wagon, etc.  There is also big flat screen TV that usually has a sport's station going.

There is a Chubby Challenge (one pound of beef basically three patties with cheese and one pound of fries).  If you eat it within 15 minutes, you get a free T-shirt or a $10.00 gift card).  It is fun to look at the wall of fame and shame (people who have tried the Chubby Challenge).

As for the tasty food, most the food we have tried was absolutely amazing that has a southern flair. I love how they toast the buns and add some yummy sauce to the burgers or chicken sandwiches, mmmmm!   So far everything we have ordered have been fresh and served hot! The beer batter fries with pink sauce are out of this world!  The kiddos love the mac and cheese and hush puppies!  The jambalaya and Coleslaw are excellent.  Our top five picks from the menu are the following:
1.  Chubby's Cheese Steak 
 2. Louisiana Shrimp Po Boy
3. Grilled Chicken with Swiss
4. Strawberry Chicken Salad
5. Reuben Sandwich or Burger
My hubby and I are huge Chubby Cafe fans and look forward to going back!

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