Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun and Happy Birthday/ RIP Gramps

What a busy weekend!  We had serious green thumb syndrome yesterday!!!  John has been getting our 30' by 25' garden ready.  We borrowed a tiller from our friend to loosen up the ground.  I started filling the pots, planter boxes, etc with fresh soil.  In the next couple weeks, I am starting some plants which will be in the greenhouse.  Yes, we have a greenhouse and I am very excited to take advantage of it!  To our surprise, there are several tulips starting to come up all over the yard!  I cannot wait to see them bloom!  I have SPRING FEVER!!! Next, we gave Jagger his first haircut!  Obviously, it looks unprofessional and hopefully in time we will be able to do a respectable job.  He was a good boy while trimming it with clippers and snipping with scissors.  I had to bribe him with chopped carrots and puppy treats.  A "leprechaun" left some gold coins and Rolos for the girl's St. Patrick's Day treat.  I printed the I'm so Lucky to have you that was placed on the top of a ziplock bag!  My printer ran out of green, ack!  It was poor quality printing; however, it is the thought that counts! For dinner, the girls requested corned beef again just like last year!  Then John and I decided to make Colcannon (mashed potatoes, cabbage, bacon, cream, and butter) as a side dish, Irish Soda Bread, and apple beer.  As for dessert, we made rainbow sherbet floats (Sprite and Rainbow Sherbet) and  Lucky Charms Cupcakes.  
As for my Grandfather, he died early this morning (March 17, 1925-March 18, 2012).  He was in a coma with a high fever these last couple weeks resulting from leukemia.  I am very impressed that he held on until his 86th birthday, which was on St. Patrick's Day.  He lived a wonderful life.  I admired the fact that he worked very hard most of his life and did his best to provide for his family.  He was always positive looking on the bright side of things even when challenges came his way. He found true love twice, loved music, worked as a TV and radio engineer for many years, enjoyed building model airplanes, liked walks near the beach, and was a great example to all his family members by living a healthy and joyful lifestyle.  I will miss my visits with my Gramps!  I will always cherish my happy memories we shared together on Cape Cod. You can read his obituary from the Cape Cod Times . I love you, Gramps! Rest in peace and say hello to Grandma and my Mother for me!!! XOXOX

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